Why are married people granted privileges over the unmarried in the first place

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Quite a few people have made the « argument » that someone who is not married or who doesn have to manage a household budget isn qualified to have an opinion on this. As someone who is both married, and manages a household budget, I would say that firstly, by that standard I am qualified to have an opinion on this,
cards agenst humanity, and secondly, that standard is completely ridiculous. One does not have to be married or managing a household budget to identify inequality in our legal system.

I am open to discussion on this, which is why I posted this. There have been some great,well thought out positions on both sides (in fact, I say the most well conceived posts have been against my point entirely), but simply brushing off one side or the other because they don fit your criteria for an opinion is absurd.

Several people have brought up my statement that I « defined » marriage as people being sexually involved with each other. To clarify that point, it isn so much that marriage is purely based on a sexual relationship, but that it just that arbitrary. The government is saying that a certain group of people who have a certain type of relationship are granted advantages over every other group of people. Marriage shouldn exist at all from a legal standpoint.

I have also seen quite a few people bringing up that it based on the « fact » that married couples are more likely to produce offspring. I would ask then, do you think married couples without kids should be afforded these same advantages? What about unmarried couples with kids? And yes, I realize there are guardianship laws in place for certain situations, but I would like to point out,
cards against humanity game online, getting married does not only make your spouse the legal guardian of your kids, there are many facets to it from a legal standpoint.

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